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Batch Manufacturing

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Finding efficiencies and improving quality can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Blend ERP is packed with time-saving, quality-enhancing features for manufacturers that use batch production. By allowing batching within NetSuite, Blend ERP helps users create multiple orders simultaneously and efficiently. What’s more, real-time inventory tracking and automated goods tracking dramatically simplifies the manufacturing process.


Blend ERP batch manufacturing software delivers game-changing improvements like real-time error alerts, adding multiple quality controls and finding major efficiencies.
Combine Multiple Orders into a Single Batch
  • Mix-and-match formula/recipe demands from sales orders and work orders
  • Add or remove orders at any time
  • Create additional product for stock to maximize production volume
Substitute Product on the Fly
  • Select substitutes if ingredients run out or product requires rework
Easily Trace Lots
  • Track finished goods back to the blending tank used, the batch number, where the finished product was allocated and if a substitute ingredient was used in the batch
  • Limit the size of recalls by easily tracing inputs back to batch and container level, as well as to recipient and shipment details
Achieve Seamless White Labeling
  • Easily track product that must be white labeled
  • Batch white-labelled product together with non-white labeled products

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