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Global HAZMAT Documentation

All Rigour, No Pain

A Value-Packed Tool

Shipping hazardous materials requires a strong understanding of detailed and complex regulations. Blend ERP makes transporting hazardous goods as easy as moving regular goods. 
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With this tool, you can skip the pain of preparing documentation and focus on your business.
Complete Regulatory Paperwork in a Single Click
  • Save hours with the ultra-efficient print-and-go function that prepares all documents in one painless click
  • Easily configure HAZMAT details by item
  • Generate all HAZMAT documents on demand
Handle Multiple Jurisdictions
  • Produce multiple-jurisdiction HAZMAT shipping paperwork in a single click
  • Save time with automatic jurisdiction detection
  • Easily produce your bill of lading for ground (DOT, TDG, etc.) and water (IMO)

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