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A game-changer for batch manufacturing, formula/recipe management & HAZMAT documentation

Blend ERP + NetSuite Deliver Radical Improvements For Manufacturers

Accuracy, optimization and control are crucial to your work. Blend ERP will improve all of these for you. Here’s how:

Formula Designer

With Blend ERP you can easily create a custom recipe based on specific requirements while minimizing cost, all at the click of your mouse.

Efficiency by design

  • Optimize based on what matters most to you (cost, potency, or density)
  • Refine values or run multiple what-if analyses with real-time feedback
  • Minimize cost by location or globally

Gain complete control

  • Set targets for your formula to ensure viability
  • Restrict the list of raw materials that can be considered
  • Include custom data or calculations to suit specific needs
  • Mix-and-match units of measure (mass and volume)

100% NetSuite

  • Formula Designer embeds directly into your NetSuite account
  • All costing data is sourced live
  • All inputs and outputs are NetSuite items
  • All data is available for searching and reporting

Formula & Recipe Management

Blend ERP increases efficiency and quality control while enabling easier compliance. Plus, it’s one of the only tools of its kind that allows you to configure the software to fit your unique requirements.

User-friendly setup

  • Use the setup assistant to easily create and maintain your formulas/recipes
  • Add physical ingredients and other cost elements such as labour or overhead
  • Establish component yield
  • Work seamlessly in multiple units of measure and lot numbers
  • User-definable product categories remove guesswork from accounting setup and regulatory compliance 
  • Simplify the management of finished goods packaging

Achieve higher product quality & greater consistency

  • Easily create new formulas/recipes and packaged products at the same time
  • Avoid human error by limiting user permissions for setting up and modifying recipes
  • Receive an alert in real time if a product substitution has been made on a batch 
  • Review lot-level recording of every chemical input used in a particular batch
  • Increase consistency and eliminate waste with pre-programmed recipes 
  • Dramatically reduce errors with built-in checks and balances
  • Rest easy with automated, thorough records on each unit produced

Better compliance & control

  • Ensure your accounting details are properly set up by using product categories 
  • Control which employees can edit formulas/recipes and packaged goods fields with set permissions and user roles

Achieve seamless white labeling

  • Easily track product that must be white labelled
  • Batch white-labelled products together with non-white labelled products

Batch Manufacturing

Blend ERP allows batching control within NetSuite. It enables you to simultaneously produce multiple orders, faster and more efficiently. What’s more, the real-time inventory and automated goods tracking dramatically simplify your overall process.

Combine multiple orders into a single batch

  • Ideal for just-in-time and Kanban inventory systems
  • Create additional product for stock to maximize production volume
  • Add or remove orders at any time
  • Mix-and-match formula/recipe demands from customer sales orders and work orders for stock

Substitute product on-the-fly

  • If ingredients run out or product requires rework, approved users can select substitutes or additional ingredients

Easily trace lots

  • Users can track lot numbers from raw materials to finished goods, including blending tank, batch number, and note if a substitute ingredient was used
  • Limit the size of recalls by easily and accurately tracing outputs back to the batch and container, as well as to recipient and shipment details

Gain deeper quality control

  • Fully configure the software for your unique processes and products
  • Maintain tests and control ranges by product
  • Record quality control results by lot
  • Results are accessible for internal and external analysis
  • One-click Certificate of Analysis (CoA) generation
  • Cloud storage gives you a paperless system you can access anywhere, anytime

Achieve seamless white labeling

  • Easily track product that must be white labelled
  • Batch white-labelled products together with non-white labelled products

Quality Control

Blend ERP gives you all of the Quality Control bells and whistles you want without any of the annoyances that typically come with compliance software.

Quick, fully configurable setup

  • Designed expressly to get up and going fast
  • All fields and rules are 100% configurable to make it a perfect fit for your environment
  • Minimal training is all you’ll need to confidently use the system, and all documentation is available online on-demand
  • Add as many users as you like, and protect your system with permission levels

Everything you need—all in one place

  • Generate a certificate of analysis (CoA) in one click
  • Run internal-only QC tests
  • Set quality control limits for raw materials and/or manufactured products
  • Create unique CoA templates for each customer
  • Analyze your data inside NetSuite, or export it
  • All QC results reside in your NetSuite account and are available for searching and reporting
  • Single source of truth for all accounting, sales, manufacturing, and QC data

Fully secure

  • Your data is automatically saved to the cloud in real time, so you don’t have to worry about data loss or making backups
  • Protected by NetSuite’s lauded security to give you total peace of mind

Global HAZMAT Documentation

Shipping hazardous materials requires a strong understanding of detailed and complex regulations. With Blend ERP, transporting hazardous goods is as easy as moving regular goods. Now you can skip the pain of preparing documentation and focus on your business.

Complete regulatory paperwork in a single click

  • Save time with Blend ERP’s print-and-go functionality for regulatory paperwork related to the transport of hazardous materials
  • Easily configure HAZMAT details by item 
  • Eliminate headaches with easy HAZMAT management
  • Generate all HAZMAT documents on demand

Handle multiple jurisdictions on a single order

  • Produce multiple-jurisdiction HAZMAT shipping paperwork in a single click
  • Save time with automatic jurisdiction detection
  • Easily produce your Bill of Lading for ground (DOT, TDG, etc.) and water (IMO)

SDS Management

Distributing and keeping track of Safety Data Sheets is an important but time-consuming task. Blend ERP does the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business without missing a beat.

Automation that dramatically simplifies the job

  • Management of effective and expiration dates
  • System-generated notifications prior to expiration
  • Automatic attachment to transactions
  • Print associated SDSs with transactions or shipping paperwork

Built for team collaboration

  • Optionally require a full review with comments
  • Full visibility for internal staff
  • Update shared SDSs in a single click

Intuitive file organization & sharing

  • Cataloging of all SDS documents
  • Complete historical audit trail
  • Update shared SDSs in a single click Share SDSs between multiple products
  • Easy email transmission to customers

BarTender Label Printing

Blend ERP is an authorized BarTender parter, so you can rest assured that this powerful integration delivers.

Click & print—directly from NetSuite

  • Access all of your existing label templates
  • Print on-demand in real-time
  • Eliminate manual data entry and third-party databases

A light & breezy integration

  • Quick, straightforward setup
  • No middleware required
  • No strings attached SaaS priced so low you can’t not get it
  • Blend ERP is an official partner of both BarTender and NetSuite

One Size Does Not Fit All

Blend ERP is highly configurable. Do it yourself using Blend ERP documentation or our consultants can take care of it for you.

Here are just some of the ways you can make it uniquely yours
Units of measure
Finished good packaging
Component yield
Product naming conventions
Manufacturing tank volumes
Formula/recipe modification
Product types
Quality Control Specifications
Container types
HAZMAT jurisdictions
Printed materials such as Batch Work Order, Bill of Lading & Certificate of Analysis


As a native SuiteApp, your data never leaves your NetSuite environment and is protected by NetSuite’s robust security features.
Role-based access control, automatic locking when idle, and a complete audit trail.
256-bit TLS encryption for user login and all subsequent data—the same level of encryption used by online banks.
NetSuite ensures users can only access the application, not the underlying database.
IP address restrictions are easily configured to set safe locations and limit access specific users.
Fine-grained password configurations, complexity rules, automatic lockouts after unsuccessful login attempts and multifactor authentication.

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